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            Though there are undoubtedly still a many individuals who are able to get a job through their connections, what sites such as LinkedIn, CareerOne, Seek and Monster have done is to make the job market more accessible to people who may have had a harder time searching for jobs before.

            Online job sites seem to know what they're doing – they're easy to navigate and usually come complete with sections on career advice, interview tips and as with this site resume (CV) assistance. For anyone new to the job hunting market, it's an easy way to you need to become aquainted with the internet career search and job application basics then follow this up with a few face-to-face enquiries and you're well on your way to getting your first interview. The internet of course is also a great way to find out about the various different industries that are out there, and help you to figure out which particular sector you'd be interested in working in. Once you've decided, then there are easily accessible lists of current jobs, each usually with a description of the role and an idea of what kind of employee the company is looking for.

            The internet has also facilitated self-advertising and self branding in the jobs market and many sites not only have posts from people looking for employees, but also from people stating their skills and looking for an employer. To stay ahead in the job search game, you can also make use of sites like – in their life and style section is a tab labelled 'career and jobs', which takes you to a wealth of articles including 'how to' guides, 'what not to do' guides, and various lists of top employers. I also do tweets as @rictownsend which you may find helpful and there is also a career-success list which will lead you to excellent resources.

            The beauty of the internet is that everything is at your fingertips, and this can now be applied to the jobs market as well. With resources to aid you in your research, to coach you in your presentation, and to provide you with current vacancies, there really is little that the online world of job hunting fails to offer.

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