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As one writer puts it an "executive Education isn't a euphemism for a privatised, luxury boarding school where posh kids go. It is in fact it is a term thrown around in business circles, referring to the training and learning for more senior executives and middle or upper management." If you are seeking to educate yourself you need to ask yourself, which letters (from which organization) are gong to serve me best on my resume as I look to an uncertain future. Of course the form is important however the substance is critical.

Perhaps the article heading would have been be better termed as "an executive re-education". Of course re-education is easy to say however very hard to achieve. Even in the light of the 2008 economic disasters many executives are still attempting to justify old attitudes and habits. Resistance against proposed legislation to protect us all against some of the unsavory practices of the past is still strong. Sure there is the "need and greed" factor at play however the process of unlearning past 'truths', purely because of the way our brains are wired, will always present difficulties.

A true executive education provider these days CANNOT just focus on the criteria and competencies that the executive positions and corporate roles, which the incumbent is already in, will need to refine. In will in all cases rather need to "redefine" what those roles must in the future "do from now on" or "become" in a radically changed environment. It will be paramount that institutions offering say MBA's indulge in some smart educational thinking to prepare or reprogram executives for what will very possibly be for the current generation, the most challenging and difficult period they will see. Just refining, honing and enhancing pre-existing executive skills, whether it's in finance, sales, production, HR or even in the stock exchange or banking, won't as they say "cut the mustard"any more. Educationalists will need now to particularly focus on how to improve leadership, competitive awareness, a variety of business strategies and most importantly... ETHICS.

As the disaster dust settles companies are now perhaps just starting to step back into fund these programmes, recognizing that this type of learning can help to better their teams performance and by keeping them up to speed, customer focussed and forward thinking provide an opportunity for their organizations to gain a competitive advantage over a stressed and under prepared competition. For the individual of course now more than ever, acquiring new management knowledge is a sure-fire way of getting ahead in a competitive and evolving environment.

Today with the internet there is a plethora of education information available across the globe so don't just think 'local' school. Also I wouldn't just go for the big name schools alone, choose one that has developed it programs with a focus on the future and ask questions on how they are addressing the issues you (or if you are sending others, your organization) think will be important over the next decade for the business you are in. Sure no one has a crystal ball however at least invest your time and money with someone that has a reasonable approach, rather than one that is just offering the "same old same old" stuff as before. Perhaps educational institutions that are hiring some new professors would be a good indicator to a fresh approach.

One final piece of advice; for those looking to improve their opportunities. There are, even in tough times, a host of jobs across the globe, now is the time to be prepared to move where the work is. On this site there is a resume form fill it in and when you get to "executive education" which institution or qualification will serve YOU best

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