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rictownsend on Twitter sample tweets


With "rictownsend" having 70,000 followers on twitter (and growing) I thought it may be worthwhile listing a few sample tweets to help you make up your mind on whether you may wish to follow.


BNET > < 12 Ways to Turn Around a Terrible Day Some good advice! Tue Nov 9

RT @AndyInNaples The Importance of "Staying In the Loop" at Work Mon Nov 8

Questions Managers Must Ask WHY BUSINESSES FAIL – 3 > via @Digg 1 last time 4 weekend Tweeters #orglearn Sun Nov 7

Excellent page of decision making tools & models You just need to decide which ones to use :-) Sun Nov 7

#Management & today's "workplace expectations" "The F'book Gen. vs the Fortune 500" Gary Hamel Sat Nov 6

The 12 Things Customers Really Want Geoffrey James, Sales Machine. NICE ONE Sat Nov 6 RT @ServingStrong

Added @rictownsend to TwitList on leadership "Thanks for adding me to your excellent list!" Ric Fri Nov 5

Questions Managers Must Ask WHY BUSINESSES FAIL – 3 Series Final. Thanks to those who visited Fri Nov 5

RT @gradversity 4 Ways To Help An Employer Find Your Resume > < Succinct #resume advice. Thu Nov 4

Int. survey result: 'Gen Y want a lot of feedback from their immediate bosses & anyone else' BRosen Prof - Organizational Behavior #orglearn Wed Nov 3

RT @MarlaGottschalk Look at Social Influence Theory interesting applics 4 interviews! Ric resp: Thanks yes found this Wed Nov 3

RT @mikehenrysr #Leadership Striving To Be A REAL Leader > < Excellent Wed Nov 3

#Steve #Jobs: Career Advice for Tough Times > < Good article! Wed Nov 3

How to Embed #Leadership & #Management Skills > < Applying what is learnt. Tue Nov 2

Once more to begin the workweek: A Manager's Questions WHY BUSINESSES FAIL part 2 rictownsend #orglearn Tue Nov 2

RT @JeanetteJoy The Jeanette Joy Fisher Daily is out! Top stories today buy @KevinCMcIntyre @LocoSocial @rictownsend Mon Nov 1

A Manager's Questions WHY BUSINESSES FAIL part 2 > < rictownsend Mon Nov 1

Essential #Management Questions > < WHY BUSINESSES FAIL part 1 Sun Oct 31

RT @BrightonSA Is it wise to send in a resume in pdf file so the recruiter cannot make changes to it? Rics Response: well it can't hurt :-) Sat Oct 30

At #job #interviews "Project an attitude of Interested" rather than "abnormally interested & desperate." M.S.Wade Sat Oct 30

RT @Keppie_Careers A Most Unfortunate Resume Mistake @chandlee> < Likely - No One Will Tell You Sat Oct 30

Society [business] needs to correct its "gross underemphasis on wisdom and ethical qualities." Sternberg/HBR Excellent Fri Oct 29

The Power of Organized Leaders > < by Doug Dickerson #leadership Fri Oct 29

RT @KCCareerCoach Meg Montford (Reality TV to blame?) > < "Is cubicle etiquette an oxymoron?" Thu Oct 28

A #powerful #career thought. > < Something that seems too often forgotten. Thu Oct 28

RT @JobHuntOrg @maltaee STUDY: 88% of uni's rate #socialmedia important in evaluating prospective students. You need to do it well though! Wed Oct 27

@Klout, says: @rictownsend has a Klout score of 32. How influential are you? Twitter analysis. Wed Oct 27

Read abt a Ms. Gallinaro who came up with the idea of a PowerPoint presentation 4 her successful job hunt. Creative! Wed Oct 27

The value of learning, sincerity, integrity & challenging yourself> < Don't know the man but like his message. #orglearn Wed Oct 27

Intelligent HR Management Skills > < It's never 'I' or 'my' in business. Tue Oct 26

RT @onin3 @Your_Say The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits ~ Albert Einstein Mon Oct 25

#Power "Anger has a ripple effect that invariably makes situations less controllable & heightens your enemy's resolve" - Greene - Stay Calm Mon Oct 25

#Power "Anger is the most destructive of emotional responses, for it clouds your vision the most" Robert Greene Mon Oct 25

@sidhu Re: "Isn't it too materialistic if you're talking about human relationships?" Ric resp: Adding value can be providing comfort :-) Sun Oct 24 in reply to sidhu

Need a new #resume? This will help you write it. Yep... its free! Sun Oct 24

Passing Up The Poison – Take Back Your #Personal #Power Don't take it personally! Sun Oct 24

"The most important principle of relationships: providing value before asking for anything in return." Dan Schawbel Sat Oct 23

Create yourself "A Perfect Elevator Pitch" BNET excellent Fri Oct 22

RT @tweetmyjobs Resume, Cover Letter, & Interview Strategies for Older Workers > < #jobsearch Thu Oct 21

"Renewed fears of double-dip recession cast shadow over UK" Ouch! How's the US #jobs then? Oct 21st

The Mysterious "Norms of Work"? Beware of the unspoken 'rules'! Oct 20th

Sales: #Referral #Selling Why & How! In business nothing happens until somebody sells something. 7 Oct 20th

Thank you to the 1001 people who #listed me. Wow I'm so grateful & hope to continue in your trust. @rictownsend Oct 19th

RECRUITMENT QUESTIONS – BETTER INTERVIEWS Successful business is about hiring the best people. Oct 19th

#Wisdom? Self-determination is a worthy state however reality dictates it needs to be harnessed to competence & co-operation. - Ric Townsend AM Oct 18th

Sunday blues, not looking forward to Monday 3 Questions to Answer Before You Look for a New Job Oct 17th

RT @AndyInNaples "9 Things You Need To Stop Doing" Positve #advice on losing the negatives Oct 17th

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack” Rudyard Kipling Something to remember at #work perhaps? Oct 17th

I know a few people who really need to read this. #Perfectionism #Disease. How to Beat It. Oct 17th

RT @ThreePointTD "Loved point 3" Yep beware the "disinhibition effect” :-) Emotionally Intelligent Emailing #orglearn Oct 16th

Emotionally Intelligent Emailing Excellent never leave proof of your vitriol & rancour! Oct 16th

RT @phyllismufson What Worked for Me in My #JobHunt: 13 Tips from @AlexisGrant Excellent #orglearn Oct 15th

Top 10 Most Annoying Employees: Don't Become One! #wisdom from BNET Oct 15th

RT @BUnusually "I like your focus on your work it defines you admirably" Thanks 4 the compliment, working at it. Glad you like the tweets. Oct 14th

RT @Stonesetgreen "Thanks for keeping it relevant Mr Townsend. Why everyone thinks I care abt what they r eating for breakfast is a mystery! Oct 14th

RT @phyllismufson @CatalystInc @anndaly You dont push yourself to the top you get pulled there Who's going to pull you? Oct 14th


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