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Resume writing is a great way to document your ‘employability’ or to check how well you are progressing with the ‘commercial’ realities of what you have to offer to either your current employer or any potential employer. You should update your resume ‘personal balance sheet’ at least once a year. A good time to do your resume is at annual performance appraisal time when competency issues are being scrutinised. First read the following resume samples (through to the end) as a guide and then complete all resume sections. It is a good idea to save your resume in word pad as your fill in each section of the free blank resume form

Look at the resume statement examples below the resume form before you fill in your details. Click on the "headings" above the resume form boxes for examples.

When you have entered your resume data you should highlight the resume section on this page between  the... >  symbols then use the menu item "File - Print" check "Print Range - Selection" then click on "print". NB This option does not work with some browsers. To be on the safe side open your 'word program' type the heading of the resume section you are completing and copy the contents of the "white box" area of the resume form that you are working on. You can paste the resume section contents into your text document. I will have a handy resume back-up for you if you choose the "submit resume" option.



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An experienced executive with an extensive background in sales, training, financial analysis, lending and senior management within the finance industry. A ‘late’ career change led to his recent role as Creative Director/Training Manager for a somewhere based advertising agency. Two years as Senior trainer at Xyz Academy. Other commercial experiences include owning an operating a steel fabrication company and holding the position of executive director of a training company. Currently a trainer/consultant for Good Time Training an Australian/Malaysian joint venture company.

Employer reviews and character analysis reveal a highly motivated, forthright, determined and innovative person. A person who likes to lead in an environment which offers scope for both development of new ideas and individual expression.
Had articles published by such prestigious magazines as The Malaysian Accountant, The Austrian Family Physician and Business Asia. He is also an accomplished lecturer/trainer and has given presentations to such groups as The Malaysian Society of Accountants, Queensland TAFE Banking Course and a variety of public and private companies.

An internationally educated social service professional with extensive experience in drug-related illnesses, mental illness and public welfare work. Held a number of responsible positions in British hospitals and is a British approved social worker. Although limited testing was done results show primary values are professionalism, intellectual satisfaction and social responsibility. Motivations are primarily the need for achievement and affiliation.

After twenty-four years in the UK recently returned to Thailand to be nearer family and satisfy a desire to work more closely amongst people with similar cultural backgrounds. Education, work experience and career positions to date testify to a committed and hard working individual who is able to cope under pressure even when dealing with people in the most dire of circumstances. Blah etc or

An Information Technology professional with a broad experience in Systems Architecture, Database Design, Networking Technology, Business Process Reengineering and IS Management. An active and ongoing learner with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering and is currently undertaking studies with Microsoft (Professional Engineer Certification) and Novell (Enterprise Certification). Has also recently completed a course in Business Process Re-engineering methodology and practice.

Working life to date, by choice has worked on a contract basis which has afforded a wide variety of positions and experiences in an number of countries including Fiji, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Major companies operating in such diverse fields as Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Retailing and the Hotel Industry.

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Effective leader able to successfully plan, delegate, and review activities of staff

Experienced public speaker/trainer with a diverse reservoir of commercial experience 

Computer literate with a ‘little’ experience across a broad range of programs

A sound & creative writer with the ability to analyse &commercialise the written word 

A culturally sensitive person with the ability to mix with all ages and races

A well qualified individual able to accept responsibility for work outcomes

Experienced in working with a wide range of professionals and the full spectrum of the community at large

Able when called upon to lead, plan, delegate and review activities of supporting staff and volunteers

Bilingual, fluent in both written and spoken Thai and English

Computer literate to the extent of word processing

A culturally sensitive person with the ability to mix with all ages and races

Accurate and detail minded, developed through the need to keep precise, accurate and up to date patient records

Analytical, through the need to analyse patients and options available

Confident as a result of dealing with others’ problems and crises

Proactive, many past roles have required initiative and a willingness to implement a sometimes dramatic course of action

Planner, as demonstrated by her implementation of an out of hours mental care programme and the marshalling of the required resources

Responsibility taker and problem solver, many previous roles required Mary to implement a course of action in the best interests of clients (patients) and their families in extremely difficult situations

Communicative and compassionate through training and work experience

Energetic and flexible, career as a social worker has meant learning to work with limited resources and constantly changing situations demanding a flexible approach and a high energy levels

An ability to influence and sense of integrity as borne out by the faith previous employers have recognized, been personally responsible for the well-being of those in care who were incapable of looking after themselves

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January 1996 - Present         Trainer/Consultant GOOD TIME TRAINING

Sept. 1993 - Dec. 1995        Creative Director  LIM ADVERTISING P/L

Sept. 1988 - Aug. 1993        State Leasing Manager Qld  XYZ FINANCE
                                                etc in reverse date order (newest first)

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Leadership of multi-skilled and specialist teams sized from 3 to 110 employees

Approval of lending proposals from A$3,000 to A$500,000

Control of finance company receivables base of up to A$100M

Setting and control of operating budgets and strict adherence to set operating costs

Planning, implementation and authoring of staff training programs

Directed all sales & admin. functions of a manufacturing enterprise

Conceptualisation and implementation of advertising programs

Direction of a creative team to ensure a high level of a creative output within deadlines

Measurement of effectiveness to ensure efficient & timely delivery of products

Management, leadership and co-ordination of a multi-disciplined team of doctors, psychiatric nurses, police, social workers, volunteer workers

Conceptualised &Set up of out of hours mental health care programs including writing of the departments manual of procedures

Control of operating budgets and strict adherence to set operating costs

Control of Funding and payments

Co authoring of vision statement and public brochure/information preparation

Interpretation of metal state of mentally ill through interviews with patient and family network and communication of overall situation to selected health specialists

Analysis of a broad range of background information in order to best determine a effective outcome on behalf of the patient

Planning, implementation and authoring of staff training programs

Monitoring of a large case load of patients and the improvement or deterioration of the situation and the activities of agencies and staff involved with patients

Determination and reporting of drug related mental health problems to relevant specialist personnel

Contracting with various patient care facilities of behalf of patients and there families

Researched and presented mental health statistics to senior public servants who comprised the management group of hospitals, homes and community groups

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A list of personal and business references will be supplied when required

Advice on how to write a resume using the blank sample resume form!

Write the resume in similar method to that you would use almost as if you were writing about someone else i.e. Never use the terms "I", "me" or "my".

Don’t boast or be self-centered, back up what you say with facts and talk about what the employer wants, not what you desire.

Match key “buzz” words that you write in the blank resume form to those in the employers’ advertisement and to the statements they use.

Have a third party, preferably someone who employs people, read and review your resume.

Obviously you need in the resume to talk about what you know however it may be an advantage to talk about whom you may know or have dealt with in the industry you a looking at.

Use the blank resume form to practice selling your benefits, i.e. if you have ‘superior’ skills demonstrate how they will directly benefit the employer in reaching their goals.

I hope this “free blank resume form” is of some assistance in writing your resume and in helping you to get a great job!

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Cover Letter

Rule one - Don't send your resume out without a cover letter. Rule Two - Don't send your resume out without a cover letter.

Cover letters need to:  

Your cover letter accompanying your resume needs to sell the reader on the idea to take a look at your resume:

Your cover letter will be the correspondence that is read first ( before your resume) and so must be powerful, concise and dare I say it stand out like a billboard or a "movie trailer". Your cover letter therefore, it must be superbly written and targeted to a specific employer. There are no generic cover letters!

Explain the reason you are sending your resume:

If you are sending your resume in the hope of an "opening", explain in your cover letter why you would like to work for the recipients company. If you are seeking a specific position, the cover letter should say I am seeking a position as a sales person, secretary, marketing researcher, forman or whatever. If you are about to graduate explain that you are seeking a permanent position at graduation.

Very briefly explain how you learned about the position or the organization:

This is a great way for you to slip a subtle compliment into your resume cover letter. If you know someone that is respected by the reader mention that Mr/Ms 'Fred Bloggs' was telling you what a great company XYZ is and that he/she suggested you should send your resume.  

Your Cover letter (as with your resume) needs to point to specific competencies you have in relation to the company or highlight achievements:

Education, leadership roles team roles and outstanding experience/s, obviously that are are relevant to a position you are seeking. Be very brief and specific.  

Your cover letter should demonstrate a positive attitude:

If you have done a personality test or had a staff appraisal that says "demonstrates a commitment to the teams goals or talks about the positive aspects of your personality, motivation, enthusiasm or communication skills mention it in your cover letter.  

If responding to an advertisement give all the facts or items asked for:

Don't make it like a mini resume however, say someone asks for a list of your computer skills, you can say "computer literate full list of competencies are in the resume.  

Finally the cover letter should let the reader politely know you will follow-up to see if he/she has reviewed your resume.

saying something like, "I will contact you in the next two weeks to see if you require any additional information regarding my resume."

Final Final cover letter - resume RULE... don't send your resume out without a COVER LETTER oh... and be very brief no more than about half a page. Now there's a cover letter challenge.

Your resume is a bit like your career or personal business balance sheet and it is a great document to indicate, at least work-wise, where you are now. The real question must be where do you want to be in two, five or ten years time. What is your vision and how do you plan to reach it? YES YES BUT WHERE DO I START?

Career Advice - Why you should have a vision!

Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland gives insights into why a vision is so important. In the story when Alice asks the Cheshire Cat “Would you tell me please, which way I ought to walk from here”… the Cat’s response is: ‘That depends a good deal on where you want to go (end up)’… ‘I don’t much care where’… ‘then it doesn’t matter which way you walk’… etc. Vision (which she did not possess) sets our direction.

The Little Oxford Dictionary I have defines Vision as “…foresight, good judgement in planning…”

Vision statements help us define why we are here in terms of where we want to be in the future.

A vision is perhaps… “a statement of intent” according to the Drucker Foundation’s book “The Organization of the Future” (page 351)

In the Power of Vision video – futurist Joel Barker offers ‘Visions need to be developed by leaders (you need on a personal level be your own leader) and must be shared with the team (family and friends) & the team must support it’. ‘Sharing leads to agreement on direction’. ‘Writing a vision statement is not enough; it must be taken in and acted upon’. ‘Visions must be positive challenging and worth the effort’ and “Vision is never expressed in financial numbers”.

In the book on vision, “The North Bound Train” by Karl Albrecht on page 150 he advises: good visions need to contain “a focussed concept” or a “value creation premise that people can actually picture as existing”, “a sense of noble purpose” or “something really worth doing” (he means I believe a worthwhile future state of existence) and finally “a plausible chance of success” or “something people can realistically believe to be possible”.

Possibly one of the most famous vision statements from history is that of President Kennedy who in 1960 declared, "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth."

I personally like the statement of Thomas Edison (possibly influenced by his friend Henry Ford)… ‘Cheap electric light for everyone’


Values are needed to test the validity or appropriateness of the vision.

Examples; integrity and honesty / personal growth and development / continuous learning / quality of life before quantity of life / serving family and community / committing to the concept that ‘when truth dies really bad things happen’ / constantly seeking to promote goodwill and understanding


The mission is what we will do to achieve our vision. Example: If the vision is to receive the champion’s trophy the mission is to win the races.

According to the Collins Cobuild Dictionary - 1995 Edition, Mission is; “an important task that people are given to do…” In the personal situation we are discussing we give the mission to ourselves.

Joel Barker’s video uses the example of a rope across a small stream to a point you wish to reach on the other side. The mission is to cross the stream. The rope gives you something to hang onto and keep you focused on the place on the other side you want to be, rather than getting caught up in the flow and ending up somewhere downstream. So to reach the vision of say, rolling in the green grass on the other side of the stream, effort is required to achieve the mission inherent in the vision.

Again from Albrecht’s book (p152)… The mission is about “How we do business”… “the vision is the place we want to go…”; “the mission is the means of travelling”. I guess if your vision is to enjoy lunch at the beach the mission could be to get on the bus with the picnic basket.

There are a number of mission examples in Albrecht’s book and the following is the one he likes the most… Po’ Folks Restaurants… “We always want to be the friendliest place you’ll ever find to bring your family for great tasting, home style cooking, served with care and pride in a pleasant country-home setting at reasonable prices.


Personal Vision, Mission and multi level planning templates with instructions and examples in editable MSword format US$49.75


NB: A no refund policy applies to the purchase of the Vision Mission Values Planning Template so again please ensure that you use your correct email address!

"Lots of luck with your job hunting, and remember your resume should be 2 to 4 pages long (3 is best), concise, factual and interesting to read and the first ten words must have as much punch as a newspaper headline''

Hope you have found the free blank resume form helpful and there are more resume tips on other sections of the site
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