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Free Management and Career Resources and a Free (with tips and example statements) Resume Form Sample

* resume form - you fill in the blank sections in the resume form, use resume sample statements, great resume!

More resume tips resume samples and resume form examples of how to structure your resume and resume writing tips and help can be found on http://rictownsend.wordpress.com/

Many Career Advice Articles on Richard Townsend on Career Success

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"orglearn" is a resource centre concerned with management and leadership and the issues you need to consider in both these roles. A selection of blog posts will provide you with additional information. The site contains a resume template / resume form with great examples of positive statements that you can edit and use. The free blank resume form is easy to use online and you can send a resume form backup to the site.

Write print your resume free blank resume template form example statements!


The Cornerstone of Success... Why we need a strong VISION of the future!

Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland gives insights into why a vision is so important. In the story when Alice asks the Cheshire Cat “Would you tell me please, which way I ought to walk from here”… the Cat’s response is: ‘That depends a good deal on where you want to go (end up)’… ‘I don’t much care where’… ‘then it doesn’t matter which way you walk’… etc. Vision (which she did not possess) sets our direction.

The Little Oxford Dictionary I have defines Vision as “…foresight, good judgement in planning…”

Vision statements help us define why we are here in terms of where we want to be in the future.

A vision is perhaps… “a statement of intent” according to the Drucker Foundation’s book “The Organization of the Future” (page 351)

In the Power of Vision video – futurist Joel Barker offers ‘Visions need to be developed by leaders (you need on a personal level be your own leader) and must be shared with the team (family and friends) & the team must support it’. ‘Sharing leads to agreement on direction’. ‘Writing a vision statement is not enough; it must be taken in and acted upon’. ‘Visions must be positive challenging and worth the effort’ and “Vision is never expressed in financial numbers”.

In the book on vision, “The North Bound Train” by Karl Albrecht on page 150 he advises: good visions need to contain “a focussed concept” or a “value creation premise that people can actually picture as existing”, “a sense of noble purpose” or “something really worth doing” (he means I believe a worthwhile future state of existence) and finally “a plausible chance of success” or “something people can realistically believe to be possible”.

Possibly one of the most famous vision statements from history is that of President Kennedy who in 1960 declared, "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth."

I personally like the statement of Thomas Edison (possibly influenced by his friend Henry Ford)… ‘Cheap electric light for everyone’

Personal Vision, Mission and multi level planning templates with instructions and examples in editable MSword format US$49.75


Competence Development: Customised programmes on; team development, leadership, motivation, power & influence, effective management, sales & customer care, planning, competence development, negotiation skills and emotional intelligence. Experience: Training has been undertaken for Ericsson Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand and Pakistan. Entrepreneurship training has been provided to retiring military officers' of the Malaysian Military. A competency-modelling, has been implemented by Celcom in Malaysia and training has been conducted for AIS Thailand. I have also consulted to the Australian and US Embassies. Experience includes senior positions in sales/marketing and general management in the finance/banking industry, creative director of an advertising agency and directorship of a manufacturing business. Articles have been published in, The Small Business Guide for the State Government of Victoria (Aust.), The Australian Medical Practitioner, The Pattaya Mail, The Australian Accountant and eThailand.

Training Accreditations: Situational Leadership II (Blanchard USA) / Situational Self-Leadership (Blanchard USA) / Leading Change (Ericsson University Sweden) / Leadership Communication (Ericsson University Sweden) / Effective Teamwork (Ericsson University Sweden) / Negotiation Skills, (co authored) Ericsson Academy Malaysia / Managing Meetings (co authored) Ericsson Academy Malaysia / Leadership Development Levels I & II (Ericsson Academy Malaysia) / Introduction to Management Leadership (co authored) Ericsson India / Entrepreneurship, six-day course for ‘Perhebat’ Malaysia (Author) / Introduction to TQM, Bartercard Thailand (Author) / Customer Serv. Principles, Aust.'Embassy' Taiwan and others (Author) / Effective Selling, Sheraton Hotel, Taiwan (Author) / Emotional Intelligence, US Embassy Indonesia (Author) / Train-the-Trainer AGC Australia

Resume Help Resume Examples Blank Printable Resume Form

If you need help with your resume you can use the free blank resume form that is part of this site. There are also resume writing tips as previously mentioned at the "http://rictownsend.wordpress.com/" blog. After reading the tips just follow the "USE THE FREE BLANK RESUME TEMPLATE" link above (or one of the many direct links from the blog) and fill in the blank sections under each heading to build your (hopefully interview grabbing) resume. Remember the primary purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. You can clear the resume form and start over as many times as you wish. You can also send the resume to orglearn and it will be kept as a backup. A number of people have lost their sometimes 'hard to come by' words, all written with great effort and I have been able to retrieve their resume for them. If you want extra help writing or editing your resume this can be done for a reasonable fee.

Resume CV Blank Resume Form Examples

Don't forget to check out the free blank resume form on the resume page. If you want me to keep your resume as a backup you will need include your email in the space provided as that is how I recover the resume once it is filed. There is also a resume links page and some resume tips on other pages to get you started. Your resume is perhaps one of the most important career documents you have see investing time on resume improvement is never wasted. Particularly remember a generic or general resume is good however you must rewrite your resume to match each job you apply for. if you require specific help with preparing/editing your resume the is a link and further information at the bottom of the blank resume form, resume samples and examples and resume help tips page here: resume examples samples form and resume writing tips Ric

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